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Are you looking to take your real estate career to new heights? At A-Plus Property, we offer more than just a typical property agency experience. We present an exciting opportunity for both aspiring and experienced real estate negotiators to thrive in a dynamic and enriching environment. Our focus is on providing you with the tools, support, and pathways to excel in the real estate industry, all while celebrating your achievements along the way.


We understand that achieving success requires more than just hard work; it demands the right direction and the right tools. We strongly believe that our team’s triumphs contribute to our overall success. Here’s why A-Plus Property is the place where you should build your real estate career:

  • Clear Direction

    We provide you with a clear roadmap to success. Our structured promotion system allows you to begin as a real estate negotiator and gradually climb the ladder to become a Team Leader, and eventually a Group Leader. Your dedication and effort are rewarded with increased earnings as you ascend through the ranks.

  • Guidance by the Best

    At A-Plus, you're not alone on this journey. Our founder, Sky Tan, personally leads our training sessions, drawing from 15 years of real estate experience. In just two weeks, you'll gain essential skills, transforming from a novice to an expert, armed with the knowledge needed to excel in the real estate industry.

  • Becoming a Real Estate Expert in 2023

    Our comprehensive training goes beyond the basics, covering personal branding, negotiation techniques, effective closing strategies, digital marketing, and more. You'll stay ahead in the digital age, reach a broader audience, improve your negotiation skills, and close more deals. The skills you acquire will not only benefit your real estate career but also enhance various aspects of your life.

  • Mentorship

    Receive one-on-one mentorship from experienced negotiators. Our seasoned team members are dedicated to supporting and guiding you, providing valuable insights and experiences that will accelerate your growth.

  • Unlock Lucrative Earnings

    Whether you're a negotiator, team leader, or group leader, our commission structure aligns with your role, ensuring that the greater your responsibilities, the higher your earnings. Backed by an extensive network of clients and projects, your potential to earn with A-Plus is truly limitless. We have a well-defined promotion and commission system in place, ensuring that your hard work and success are recognized and rewarded.

  • Shared Property Listings

    At A-Plus, teamwork is paramount. As a real estate negotiator here, you'll have access to a wealth of shared listings among fellow negotiators. This means a broader range of properties to offer your clients, significantly increasing your chances of finding the perfect match and closing successful deals.

Join Us as a Real Estate Negotiator

Join us at A-Plus Property and discover a company that values your goals, provides you with the resources you need to succeed, and genuinely believes in your potential to achieve greatness in the real estate industry. Together, let’s reach new heights and create a future full of possibilities.