About Us


Founded in 2019 by the visionary entrepreneur Sky Tan, A-Plus Property Consultants introduces a vibrant and innovative perspective to the realm of real estate. Our mission is clear – to provide you with exceptional service that transcends the ordinary, creating a truly transformative real estate experience.

We understand that buying, selling, or renting a property is not merely a transaction; it’s a significant decision with far-reaching implications for your life and finances. That’s precisely why we’ve positioned our agency as a reliable partner for this exhilarating journey. Our purpose is to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and expert assistance you require to make astute and well-informed choices in the real estate arena.

Nestled in the heart of Bukit Mertajam, Penang, our agency is ideally situated to serve the vibrant real estate market in this area. We’re committed to being more than just a typical real estate agency – we’re your trusted allies in navigating the dynamic world of property.


Beginning of an Inspiring Journey
In 2009, Sky Tan began his inspiring journey in the real estate industry as a property agent at "Universal Property." Right from the start, his dedication and exceptional skills were evident, laying the foundation for a remarkable career ahead. Over the years, the company underwent a transformation and rebranded as "Rina Property" in 2012, where Sky's path was marked by significant growth and achievements.
Progress and Growth at Rina Property
Starting as a property agent, Sky quickly showcased his leadership potential and earned promotions that propelled him forward. He advanced from being a property agent to become a Team Leader and subsequently a Group Leader, taking on greater responsibilities and leading teams of fellow agents. Sky's talent and competence eventually led him to the esteemed position of Branch Manager, where he oversaw and guided the operations of the branch and its agents.
Overcoming Adversity
However, despite Sky's commendable efforts and undeniable success, he faced an unexpected blow when he was unexpectedly let go from his managerial position. But it was in the face of adversity that Sky's true strength emerged.
Founding of A-Plus Property Consultants
Undeterred by the challenges he faced, Sky's passion for real estate and unwavering commitment to his family's well-being drove him to take a bold step. In 2019, he founded A-Plus Property Consultants, driven by a determination to create a company that reflects his values and vision for the real estate industry.
Thriving through Dedication and Resilience
Although the inception of A-Plus Property was not initially planned, Sky's resilience and unwavering dedication have since propelled the company to thrive and flourish. Today, A-Plus Property serves as a testament to Sky's entrepreneurial spirit, embodying a company that is committed to excellence, integrity, and providing unparalleled service to clients and team members alike.